Two waves you will likely never surf…



Time Warp.

In the early 90’s, on the Oregon coast, there was no internet, no cell phones, and only our well traveled weather radios to predict our next adventure. We would drive thru the rain for hours as a pack. Stopping at each spot to find another guy checking it….who would caravan with us to the next.

Today we have wave charts, buoys, cams, the internet  and cell communication  which allow us to score the most random of waves. It’s almost impossible to miss a good swell.

But here near the Cush/silencer Mothership where we build our craft—our waves are still hidden—even the computer models cannot figure these gems out.  No one here admits they can.

These two wave anomalies do produce.

But don’t bother.   There are more variables associated to this wave than most any wave I have surfed the last 20 years.

And even with all the help from all of technology—these waves are still only found if you show up at the beach————just like the old days of early 90’s in Oregon.


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Where’s Alfonso?

Gave a loaner board to Alfonso while he waits for his new FIVESIX REDUX five fin to be built. He sent us this unedited little bit of stoke and made us all miss San Diego. Tourmaline delivers again. Small waves. Pure fun.